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The elements

The water you drink on the Obersteinerhof comes from a private spring in the nearby forest. Thanks to this spring we are energy self-sufficient, as we produce energy for electricity and machines in our private water power station. We use wood for heating.

The air that you breath, the wind that sometimes blows around the farm, moves. On almost 1500 m above sea level, the air is almost free from dust mites and mould spores. And also the pollen load is significantly lower than in the valley. Ideal if you suffer from allergies.

The ground you stand on is fertile. For centuries it has been processed, in the field, the meadows and the farm garden. And still today, this earth gives us food, such as potatoes, spelt and oat.

The sun, that shines during 12 hours per day in summer and at least five hours in winter, warms like the fire that burns in the inside stove and outisde fireplaces. And when the evening has long obscured the valley, we still enjoy the daylight.

Water, air, earth and fire are life. We are grateful for that.

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